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10 problems you face while hosting an event in Bangalore

10 problems you face while hosting an event in Bangalore


1. Tout Tantris

Finding pandits is hard work, especially since they chant in esoteric languages, and summon celestial mumbo jumbo.

Confusing pandits

We help you through this labyrinth by making sure you are aware of how well others like you rate the pandit.

2. Kannad gothilla

You speak 5 languages, and yet not the one your pandit is fluent in.

I know 9 languages except the one I need

We match pandits to you based on the language you're comfortable with.

3. All my friends are madrasi

As locals, your friends know about services they need the most. Not everyone is a walking Yellow Pages of the contacts you'll ever need.

Lonely, I'm so lonely

Don't compromise on getting what you truly want. We have hundreds of vendors waiting to fall in like a jigsaw piece into your event requirements.

4. Puja Samagri

With an item list that can give a fax paper roll an inferiority complex, it can get troublesome to go shopping just before your pooja.

Shopping time

We have packages where the pandits bring their own samagri. Who's a better judge on getting the right amount of firewood for you havan?

5. Why does this cost so much?

Some of these puja items are more elusive than finding a shiny pokemon and that rarity translates to only one thing - expense.


Our pandits have been shopping for these things for decades - trust their connections and mad negotiation skills to make things more economic while preserving the grandiosity.

6. Price based on my car?

Not being anonymous while negotiating means your spending power is judged based on what you have/do. This often translates to the caterer overcharging you because of your neighbour's Audi parked next to your gate.

800 > Audi

We make sure you get a fair deal by negotiating on your behalf. Heck, we have a reverse auction, where the vendors bid for your order so you get the best deal out there.

7. Dakshina? What dakshina?

A major expense in the pooja can be the dakshina which essentially is the tip to the pandit for being gracious enough to come and perform the rituals at a time and place of your choosing. This isn't an exact science, and it's very easy to piss them off, or feel ripped off.

All inclusive?

We make sure the minimum dakshina is included within the package costs. Anything more you wish to give our pandits is the bonus that they get.

8. Planning is overwhelming

In the end, you're doing all this to make your loved ones and/or yourself feel better. This is immense pressure!


But it doesn't have to be. Help us help you by telling us what you want, and we'll make sure you are a very happy host on the day of your event.

9. Somethin you gotta get used to

Travelling to meet the vendors to finalize everything before the event usually takes longer than the duration of the event.

world domination

The Internet is a thing and we help you use that to your advantage.

10. Food

Food makes or breaks an event these days. People don't remember that amazing hygiene of the venue or the goosebumps-inducing incantations that the pandit recites, as much as the prasadam you deem worth to be eaten by the gods themselves.

food is bae

While you're here, you should check out our caterer offerings to match with the style of the pooja you are looking for.

These are the 10 common problems one faces when organising a pooja in Bangalore while staying out of town. Have you faced any of these problems or been through something similar? Do let us know on Facebook, Instagram - @eventosaur, or on twitter - @eventosaur140.

Tejovanth N
Tejovanth N

Our CTO TJ usually uses the Interwebs to teach or learn more about coding when he's not making Non-Resident Indians want to fly back home with his Instagram feed. However, he took some time off both of those activities to write this masterpiece.

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