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A Journey to Relish: Every NRI’s Dream Come True


Mr. and Mrs. Iyer have lived in the US for twenty years. Their second son had just turned seven. Which meant it was time to celebrate his Upanayanam, a ceremony with family and friends back at home. Upanayanam, also known as Brahmopadesham, marks the acceptance of the child into the gurukula system. This ancient tradition has evolved and shaped itself into a festive event for family and friends. The Iyer family is no different and wants to stage the event grandly in the city of Banglore. With all the excitement Mr. and Mrs. Iyer set out to plan the function.

Mrs. Iyer booked their tickets online, while her husband made the guest list. Only while planning for the event, did they realise that the arrangements pertaining to the Upanayanam, or for that matter any event, are elaborate. They had to arrange for everything from priests, caterers, decorators, photographers, venues to pooja samagri. It was hectic for them to co-ordinate from the US. Somehow they found a priest and a venue, but finding a caterer proved to be a mammoth task. Due to their apparent NRI status, often these vendors kept quoting high prices. This was quite annoying. The Iyer family’s phone kept buzzing at all times. The time difference meant that they had to stay up all night to get any work done.

With just one week to go for the D-Day, their priest fell sick with pneumonia and wouldn’t recover in time for the event. It would be ideal to postpone the event but the Muhurtham was set, they had sent out all the invites, and booked their tickets to India too. They grew more and more anxious as a lot of things were pending, and the absence of the priest aggravated the problem. On receiving their invite, a family friend contacted the Iyers to see about the progress. After hearing about their difficulties in organising the event, he immediately offered them a one-stop solution that was brewing in the city of Bangalore - a startup that has mastered itself in conducting all sorts of events.

Almost as easy as booking a cab, Eventosaur helps you not just find priests, decorators, caterers, and venues online but also makes vendors bid for the lowest price. Without making a dent in your pocket, Eventosaur ensures the quality of service. One has to simply choose the type of event, cuisine, number of guests, and location. The website gives you a quote and then you can add more details as you want. Eventosaur actually helps you get all the services required for an event while being the single point of contact.

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer no longer have to worry about the arrangements pertaining to pandits, photographers, or see if the caterer has made it on time. Eventosaur lets them take a backseat in a journey that they can relish for rest of their lives. After the grand success of the function they returned to the US with their bags full of memories. Impressed by the way Eventosaur conducted the event, they shared their experience with their NRI friends. They are now excited to indulge themselves into an adventure of their own. It is like their dream come true.

Now every family residing abroad or home, can utilise this resource by logging on to www.eventosaur.com and clicking on "Get Free Quote" to start a journey with us. Eventosaur promises a hassle-free solution to all your event planning woes. One can also contact Eventosaur at +91-9663644488 for any further queries.

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Maunica Kolla

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