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Fantastic Fridays at NASSCOM - first edition

Event recap - NASSCOM Fantastic Fridays 1st edition


Those of you who've known of Eventosaur know how grateful we are towards NASSCOM and the 10,000 startups program. We owe a great deal to the organization and the people behind it. They keep giving us, Indian startups, more reasons to become indebted to them. In August 2016, a new monthly event called #FantasticFridays was inaugurated. Eventosaur had the privilege of being a part of this event and we decided to recap it for you.

Emcee and VCs

Fantastic Fridays are designed to provide a platform to startups to present their progress in front of a room filled with investors, journalists, and other founders among others. I had the pleasure of being the emcee at this first edition and absolutely loved the experience. As founders, we're always looking for ways to let the world know about the problem we're solving. In fact, I use my commute to pitch to co-passengers on pooled cabs and buses. This is a great initiative because the founders get to pitch to a room full of potential customers, ambassadors, investors and well-wishers.

The first edition saw three special guests: Shripati Acharya and Amit Somani from Prime Venture Partners and NASSCOM's very own Ravi Gururaj who has been a great source of inspiration to several founders like me in India. Coincidentally, the NASSCOM 10k startup program celebrated its third birthday on the same day. Ashok Madarvally - who runs the show with the help of his super-talented and dedicated team.

Spalontime and Fastah

The startups that presented during this edition were:

  1. Fastah - Network intelligence for your app or game.

  2. Spalontime - A new way to get gorgeous. Find and book the best Salons and Spas.

  3. SendX- 360 degree email marketing for product startups, professional bloggers and marketing agencies.

  4. Sensara TV - A smart way to redefine how people interact with their television. (You should totally check out how their product works here.)

  5. LetsEndorse - A startup that serves as a catalyst for social good.

SendX, Sensara, LetsEndorse

Two other startups played small roles in making this event a success:

CrowdProduct - helped collect feedback about the pitches using their mobile-friendly online tool.

Apologies in advance for blowing my own trumpet. The second startup is my own. Eventosaur helped NASSCOM with the food and beverages for the event. Going by the feedback we got, everyone loved it.

Crowd at the event-space

At Eventosaur, we love being a part of great stories. If you'd like us to help with any events be it via helping you find service providers ranging from pandits and caterers to venues and decorators or in terms of anchoring, we're a ping away on contact@eventosaur.com.

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Nikhil Jois
Nikhil Jois

I enjoy telling people stories. Always game to play the role of an emcee at Startup events.

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