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Introducing Karan Sharma

Introducing Karan Sharma


'Culture' is a word thrown around very often in the Startup world. Nobody knows exactly what it means and yet everybody wants to give it its due. At Eventosaur, we'd like to believe that an integral part of our culture involves valuing people and their stories. While we are now just a handful of people strong and this may seem like a small move, I hope that as we grow we retain the habit of placing people above all and valuing their stories.

Karan is from Faridabad and heard about us via our mutual friend, Social Sathya. Despite an easy connect to me(Nikhil- the only other person on the founding team who can speak Hindi) Karan deciphered from our bios that TJ would be the one he'd have to reach out to about a tech role. We always appreciate good hustle and after a series of conversations, Karan flew down to Bangalore to spend the summer with us. Don't worry, we already welcomed him with proper Andhra meals (another vital part of our company culture.) Karan Sharma

Here's what Karan had to say "Since my childhood I've been fascinated by computers and have always believed that Coding is one superpower that we mortal human beings can acquire and make a "dent in the universe". I love to build web apps and work mainly in Python & Javascript. In my free time, I also contribute to open source. I am interning at Eventosaur this summer as a Full Stack Web Developer. Eventosaur journey has so far been great with amazing folks around me, who are always ready to fill in each other's position and help. And I'm sure that I'll be learning a lot from here over the summers here. :)"

To say, we're excited to have Karan join us would be an understatement. To follow our Journey and read our upcoming stories and introductions, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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