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Introducing Nishanth Tenneti

Introducing - Nishanth Tenneti


Where does one even begin? Nishanth is literally the first person who joined our team. I still remember the interview we had with him over Hangouts and after it was done, TJ and I (Nikhil) turned to each other and said "I like this kid" at the same time. I assure you that we asked no technical questions and Nishanth's answers weren't out of the ordinary, but we just knew that he would fit right in at Eventosaur.

Boy, were we right! Nishanth is the one who made sure we brought Ankit on board too and I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I called these lads family. The sense of belonging Nishanth has is unparalleled. I mean, who else would go on a pub crawl with a bunch of friends and end up working on a late weekend night? No matter how big we become and how old we grow, Nishanth will have had an irreplaceable role in Eventosaur's tale. Of that I am sure.

Nishanth in a suit

A few weeks ago I asked him to jot down an intro of sorts and this is what he wrote:

"I am Nishanth Tenneti, born in Hyderabad (fyi best city to live in India) raised in many places. My passion to get in to events and managing them started when I became the head of the discipline committee in my UG college (yes I was the head of the discipline committee I have a certificate and badge to prove it), that is, Bhavan's Vivekananda College in Hyd. My logical explanation for my passion is probably because an event is integration and combination of many of my other interests, passions, and love. Although my main motive behind getting into MBA at Symbiosis is different, by working with Eventosaur, I feel that I am right on track."

From an arguably shy guy who found it hard to speak to strangers to someone who can be woken up in the middle of the night and still be expected to sell Eventosaur to anyone, anywhere - what a lovely feeling it has been to watch him learn, grow and teach us. Nishanth is an integral part of Eventosaur's story and we'll keep you guys posted on where our journeys take us.

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