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Introducing Rahul Kolle

Introducing Rahul Kolle


You know how when you're walking down the street and watch a bunch of kids happily playing Cricket without a care in the world, you look at them and go "Damn...I'm old now?" Well, I do and that's exactly how I felt when I received Rahul's CV in my email. My own brother who was born in 1993 is someone I always treat like a child and here I saw the numbers 1,9,9 and 7. This kid made me feel old. Legit old.


I'm going to let you guys in on a secret about startups. We take in interns for several reasons but one of the most important ones is this - hiring is hard. Finding talented people who can shape and be a part of your company's culture is a herculean task. We use internships as a way to groom people who will be in the job market in a few months, with the hope that the time and money we invest on them leads to a confirmed, awesome hire. This is why we always try to hire from the final year. If I happened to be rigid about that, I'd have missed out on befriending Rahul - what a tragedy that would have been! As soon as I saw Rahul's attempt at a CV, I knew that this kid is going places.

One thing Setu, TJ and I constantly remind ourselves of is the sheer privilege we have. By building Eventosaur, we get to be a part of so many stories and Rahul's is a story we did not want to miss out on. The moment we got on a call with him, we knew that it didn't matter if we get to hire him only after 3 or 5 years. It didn't matter that he didn't know what the insides of an office look like. The only thing that mattered was the potential we saw in him and the thirst to learn. Thanks to that one call, we've been extremely lucky to learn so much from him. I speak for Surabhi as well when I say that the way Rahul gels with all of us is inimitable and that we're super jealous of all his BMSCE pals who get to hang out with him for the next 3 years.

We asked Rahul what he felt about being at Eventosaur and to introduce himself to all of you. Here's what he said.

Born and brought up in Bengaluru, I learnt very quickly that you’ve got to be good at communicating with people to get your way out of problems. My parents always encouraged me to voice out my opinion and this instilled a feeling of self belief in me. This struck a different tangent and I got interested public-speaking at a young age. It just stuck to me thereafter and i became a regular at school and college debates, MUNs and public speaking events.

With a taste for extra -curricular events like mine, it was too mainstream for me to take up any technical certificate course in my summer time despite pursuing an engineering degree in Electronics and communication at BMSCE. I always look to do something non textual and vocal. This summer, when i was asked to spend my vacations more productively, I immediately decided in my head that i must take up an internship which is to deal with marketing and sales, this would fuel my underlying dream of pursuing an MBA degree after completing my technical qualification(which is invaluable these days.)

Eventosaur came as a blessing in disguise for me, and the need was mutual. Eventosaur was looking to build a team comprising of even those who don’t just write code, and I fit the bill. What was more fascinating was that, Nikhil, one of the founders who recruited me had a lot in common with me- we were both debaters, MUNers and theatre enthusiasts. We even believed in the same idea of fitness! :D

Once I got to know the other founders and my colleagues(the other interns), I knew that I was in the right place. The founders and the interns at Eventosaur are wonderful people and I have made some cool new friends. I shared a friend-like chemistry rather than a work relation with everyone at office.

The beauty of working at a startup is that we all have no fixed roles, once you spend a little bit of time at eventosaur, you get familiarised with what is expected of you and you intuitively know what to do, all impossible without good guidance. Setu, Nikhil, and TJ are very helpful at that.

I have now made a family outside of home and it will be one that will remain a part of my life even after my internship concludes at Eventosaur. And whilst I am here, I look to explore new dimensions inside me that haven’t been tapped yet. Thank you, Eventosaur.

Rahul is the youngest member of team Eventosaur as of now, but I'm sure there will be someone who takes that title away from him soon. To follow our Journey and read our upcoming stories and introductions, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, Rahul handles our Instagram account so please show it some love.

Nikhil Jois
Nikhil Jois

Nikhil Jois is constantly mocked by Rahul Kolle for being old and has been introduced to random strangers as "Eventosaur's Chief Emailing Officer"

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