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Introducing Sanath Rao

Introducing Sanath Rao


At Eventosaur, we have been super fortunate with the steady in-flow of talented and passionate folks who join us. Each of these gems have a unique story about how we found them.

Sanath’s story is a special one because it involves so many coincidences that it almost feels destined.

Back in 2016, the Government of Karnataka launched a program called the New Age Incubation Network and sought the involvement of the kind folks at YourStory. Alok Soni and Madanmohan Rao took a set of founders and mentors along on a roadtrip across 9 colleges in Karnataka. My co-founder Tejovanth and I had the pleasure of being a part of this beautiful journey.

(That’s a link to TJ’s Instagram feed by the way. Click at your own peril.)

Back to the story. One of the first colleges I visited was NIE Mysore. I ended up pitching Eventosaur to a bunch of students and teachers while sharing some of the lessons I’d learned along the way. After my session, there were a bunch of students who came by to rob me of my business cards promising to write to me or asking if they could intern at Eventosaur. One of them happened to be this enthu kid we like to call Santy.

Sanath was down in Bangalore for a vacation and reached out to a friend of his to schedule a lunch or ice cream or whatever it is that kids eat post noon these days. As it turns out, this friend told him she was meeting her friend TJ and his startup team at Eventosaur’s office. The protagonist of this story suddenly realized that he was whiling away time during his vacations and reached out to us via Facebook messenger, email, WhatsApp, and a carrier pigeon at the same time.

We had no choice but to meet him and get to know him a little better. Sanath knew how to add value from day 1. He walked in with his super-talented sister Shruti Rao who happens to be an internationally-acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer. Within an hour, he’d snagged a content-writing/Ops internship with us and within a week he’d written a major chunk of the Arangetram planning page on Eventosaur’s Learn section. You should check out both those links. Worth your time. I promise.

I asked Sanath to write about his experience at Eventosaur so far and here’s what he wrote:

The family.

For me, Eventosaur is nothing less than a family. A family where no one gets left out. Be it sitting in the "office" during our occasional meets and roasting each other, or the distribution of work, everyone has got a part to play. They respect the way I work and bluntly point out my flaws both publicly and privately. But, they also give me the freedom to do the same and consider my opinion even though I am waaaaayyyyyy younger and have a lot less experience in the field . For this, I love my team the most.

When I first spoke to him, Nikhil told me that doing an internship for a month would be wasteful and I am so glad that i agreed to do it for three months because that made me realise i never want to stop. Working with the team only makes the day better because I know at the end of the day I am doing what I love even while I am studying, and that I have got such a great family behind me in case I falter.

Nikhil said, "we become the average of the 5 people that we choose to be with most of the time." I couldn’t be happier if I were to become the average of Nikhil’s wit, TJ’s sensitivity, Surabhi’s guts, Varsha’s warm smile, and Eventosaur’s success.

Sanath is one of our youngest teammates and we absolutely love bragging about how smart and enterprising he is. To follow our journey and read our upcoming stories and introductions on more such prodigies, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nikhil Jois
Nikhil Jois

Nikhil Jois is a kind soul and a gift to mankind. He gets chided in person by his team and is bullied to no end through no fault of his.

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