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Introducing Surabhi Shekhar

Introducing Surabhi Shekhar


If you've been following us for some time, you know that we love telling you about the amazing people who join us on this journey we've undertaken. A journey that will, hopefully, make a huge impact on the way the events industry functions but even more importantly - one that will impact millions of lives in a positive manner.

This story is a special one because we've been waiting to get a chance to tell a story that is different for a while now. Call it chance or laziness or in-built biases or whatever you want, but till Surabhi joined us - we were an all-male team. Now that we have a wee bit more (4 of the last 5 people to join us are women!) diversity, we can see the difference. Surabhi is the first member of our team who has the power to order the rest of us to stop talking. This is mainly due to the fact that she is consistently calm, composed and right. She's also had the privilege of interacting with every other member on the team so far. Even some of the newer people we're yet to introduce to you. Be it with our customers or partners (service providers), Surabhi brings to the table a graceful approach to the relationships that are shaping Eventosaur.

When we asked Surabhi about her thoughts on Eventosaur so far. here's what she said:


I was born, brought up, asked to study, basically did everything in Hassan. During my Engineering, I figured out that I was interested in being involved in extra-curricular activities (which included dancing as well) which ensured that I became a member of the student council representing our branch. So that’s where all the fun began for me. The idea of getting into events got triggered at a concert – Raghu Dixit’s (believe me I don’t know why me my friend started talking about it). When I heard about Eventosaur from a friend(my friends do have a lot of impact on my life), I felt that this is my chance to work on things I've always wanted to be good at.

So here’s a different version of introducing Eventosaur- A Family, with Dad(Nikhil)- the one who is funny yet principled and wants his kids(us) to be on the right path, Mom (TJ)- the quiet one who says something very rarely but very valuable, Remotely located Sibling(Setu)- the one you talk to on Skype yet has a good knowledge of what you’re up to and guides you. All fellow mates are like cousins with whom you have an adventure every day.

Working with Eventosaur has never actually felt like working because of the company culture, which is awesome. I get to try new roles each and everyday which is helping me to develop new skills. Anyone who was/is/will be a part of Eventosaur cannot be at the better place. So here I am exploring myself, learning loads of things all the time at 'My Happy Place.'


A huge chunk of the "sessions" we've had at Eventosaur have been conducted thanks to Surabhi's curiosity. We love the way she's shaping how we interact with all the stakeholders involved and look forward to helping you get to know her and every teammate who joins us on our journey via this blog and other platforms. To follow our Journey and read our upcoming stories and introductions, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nikhil Jois
Nikhil Jois

Nikhil Jois is the co-founder and chief emailing officer at Eventosaur. He enjoys telling stories and making people smile or laugh.

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