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Introducing Vibha Hegde - content writing intern at Eventosaur

Introducing Vibha Hegde


Most stories only make sense in hindsight. Like Steve Jobs famously said, the dots only connect when you look back. In this case, one doesn’t have to go back too far along. Back in 2014, I was invited by AIESEC to speak on ‘Entrepreneurship and Employment’ at Bangalore Institute of Technology. Back then, I ran a small services startup called ‘The Next Chapter’ with my current co-founder Setu.

Little did we know that 2 members of the audience that day would impact our next company - Eventosaur- so strongly. The founder who spoke just before I did - Aruj Garg from Bhukkad - turned out to be our first customer and has been a very vocal supporter ever since. In another corner of the room, Aman and his friends were seated and their takeaway from my brief speech was that they ought to start upgrading their skill-set as soon as possible. They chose to do so by starting a coding club called ‘Code-ed’ which helped them learn not only how to code but also become better versions of themselves in general. It is via Code-ed that Vibha found out about Eventosaur.

We’re so glad she reached out to us and we’ve had an amazing time learning from her and helping her realize some of her potential. We asked her to write about her experience so far and this is what she had to say:

Till I joined Eventosaur, I had a conception of a company being a prison of work, a burden to bear and distant people ordering other people around. However, the whole "corporate" image came crashing down when I first walked into the office nearly an hour late and I wasn’t kicked out.

Eventosaur made me realise that work is something to do only if you can relate to it, enjoy it and learn from it. They made me realise that content writing can also become a great skill, while I was under the assumption that content writing had no value in market.

That is only the tip of the iceberg...

I loved the fact that Eventosaur showed me the glimpse of the startup world and culture. The things I had read about startups only showed the struggle to success while the amazing people here showed me how much fun it is to work with people who treat you like a family and help you with everything. I thank Nikhil, TJ, Surabhi and Rahul for making a person who couldn’t interact with people, come out of the shell and excel at talking to people! They really made a huge difference.

The moment I felt Eventosaur was super amazing was when I was part of an Android workshop and my friends were searching for a caterer. We were very desperate and then realised how much of a hassle a caterer can cause. Finally, Eventosaur came to our rescue and showed us how much of a burden can be reduced by them. Being on time and with accurate delivery and amazing quality, they made me want to tell my whole family and friends that it's the best way to find a caterer. I also felt really proud that these amazing people let me in their family!

Eventosaur is "the ideal company" which I would work for because they are the people who value Andhra meals and Bendi Fry! That is something I will always associate with my new family!

We love the fact that we get the opportunity to work with bright women like Vibha and look forward to helping you get to know her and every teammate who joins us on our journey via this blog and other platforms. Vibha regularly blogs about the books she reads and you find her book reviews here. To follow our Journey and read our upcoming stories and introductions, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nikhil Jois
Nikhil Jois

Chief Emailing Officer and Vibha's editor.

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