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TiE startup masterclass - Event recap

TiE Masterclass: How to go from MVP to Funding?


One of the handful of organizations that have consistently helped startups scale new heights has been TiE. Be it via their one-of-a-kind Antahprerana program which we were a part of or the regular workshops they conduct on topics that help startups survive and thrive, the TiE Bangalore chapter plays it role in Bangalore’s startup ecosystem with finesse.

The audience

TiE Bangalore had recently organised a masterclass, for entrepreneurs looking to scale their start ups from a minimum viable product(MVP) to the funding stage. The masterclasses were conducted by three innovators who have each made a mark in their respective fields. This event was designed to be an intensive guide for early stage startups looking to raise funding, acquire customers and learn growth marketing tactics. Eventosaur was invited to this event, organised at the Tlabs startup accelerator present in Koramangala. Our CEO, Nikhil Jois was requested to be the emcee for the evening and gladly obliged. Thanks to this development, interns from Eventosaur had a nice outing and got to learn an impressive bit as well!

Nikhil Jois

The first masterclass was conducted by Mr. MJ Aravind, who has been a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor and partner at Artiman ventures. He is currently the honorary secretary at the Association of People with Disability(APD), Dhwani foundation.

The second masterclass was conducted by Mr. Uday Birje, an alumnus of the Harvard school of Business, the Director and Co founder of ThinkStreet technologies. His previous stints in organisations include the likes of Alcatel Lucent, DEC, Cabletron systems and most recently Hewlett-Packard. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry.

The third and last masterclass was conducted by Mr. Vikas Goyal, a graduate of IIM Bangalore, the director of business development at ThinkStreet technologies. He has exceptional cross business experience acquired at McCann Erickson, iGate and EMC managing technology and services. He has over 18 years of experience in the field of marketing and sales.

Masterclass 1: HOW TO DATE A VC?

MJ Aravind’s workshop was a peek into the scenes on both sides of the table - he has been both, a startup founder and a VC, which gave us more insight into the minds of those who don the respective hats. A lesson on the different types of funding(crowd, bank, angel, etc.), a startup founder and a VC’s relationship, finding the right VC, the pros and cons of all the types of funding were things that we were taken through in the 1 hour masterclass. Takeaways- the importance of understanding that the VC-entrepreneur need is mutual and that one is incomplete without the other, preparing the perfect 2 page summary, and perseverance when it comes to finding the right partner( VC in this case). Here is a link to his slides.


Uday Birje’s workshop took us through aspects like maintaining the right work ethic at a startup, having a functional business plan, preparing the perfect elevator pitch, the analogy of the low hanging fruit- targeting someone who is willing to buy, hitting the market early with an MVP, having a high tolerance to ambiguity.

Takeaways- importance of the elevator pitch, customer satisfaction via quality and not quantity, and to put it the way Uday did, Network is NetWorth. Here is a link to his slides.


Marketing your company effectively is a difficult task at times. Vikas Goyal’s workshop dealt with exactly this and was about capturing the imagination of the customer, the concept of ‘identify-anticipate-satisfy’ in marketing, achieving customer loyalty, evolution of brand promise on the positioning front and conversion metrics.

Takeaways- Use of storytelling as a weapon in marketing and sales, relating to customer and to create demand via marketing, aim for customer loyalty.

Vikas also mentioned Eventosaur and how the idea of having an online portal for services related to traditional events enticed him. He also mentioned how Eventosaur’s marketing strategy was catchy thanks to us knowing exactly what we offer our users on a deep level(Thanks Vikas, you’re too kind). Here’s a link to his slides.

All in all, a complete event that left the audience wanting some more interaction with the experts. This event proved to be a learning experience for all the entrepreneurs in the crowd and for those who aren’t entrepreneurs yet, a lucrative peep into the world of startups. TiE Bangalore is a regular at organising such workshops, you can visit TiE at http://bangalore.tie.org/.

Eventosaur is proud to have been associated with this masterclass. To know more about Eventosaur, visit us at www.eventosaur.com . If you are looking for somebody who can take up the gruelling task of emceeing at an event and then blogging about it, email us on contact@eventosaur.com

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Rahul Kolle
Rahul Kolle

Marketing intern at Eventosaur who is passionate about storytelling. Currently dictating the author bio to Nikhil Jois.

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